Folklore Show in the Nikolaevsky Palace

Guided Tour to Tsarskoye Selo (amber room included)

  • duration: 5 hours
  • price: 70 €
  • location: Pushkin town

After renovation of the famous amber room the tour to Tsarskoye Selo became one of the most popular tours in St Petersburg.Tsarskoye Selo, situated 25 km South-East from St. Petersburg is one of the former summer residences of Russian emperors. It was the favorite one of Peter's daughter Elizabeth being crazy for luxury and of Catherine the Great that gave the palace a little bit more classical view.

Tour to Tsarskoye selo lasts about 5 hours and during this time you will:

  • learn how many kilos of pure gold were used to cover all the wooden reliefs of the palace
  • see the amazing Thrown hall of the palace that was chosen by Elton John for his regular charity concerts
  • learn the story of the famous Amber room, see it, feel it and even touch (though it is forbidden but most visitors do;-) and learn how many million dollars were paid by Putin to bring the stolen Amber room back to the palace

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